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4 years










Tri Colour



Hank is the most lovable, bubbliest, and most outrageous dog you will ever meet. His vibrant personality lights up the room, and he's always ready to execute any thought that pops up in his brain, whether it's checking your bag for snacks or curling up in your lap (despite being a big dog). 

If something upsets him, he's not shy about letting you know. Hank loves all humans and dogs, and he will include you with open paws in his life. However, every time he has a meet and greet, he gets stage fright and behaves in an outrageous way. 

Hank is the class clown and remains neutral around other dogs. He will explore, but he always stays close. If there's food involved, he'll work hard for it. If you're up for a life challenge, seeking a loyal friend who supports you and brings joy to your life, Hank is your man!

To enquire about adopting this hound, please click on the link below

The information provided about these dogs is based on our experiences at our facility. We have not assessed them with small children or other pets, and we are unaware of their basic obedience or leash skills. It's important to note that dogs from an unknown background may lack environmental exposure or socialisation. They may also lack basic manners, obedience, or even knowledge of their given name. We ask that you remain open-minded and provide them with a loving home, training, and guidance to become a loving family pet. 


Fallen Hounds Dog Rescue is here to guide you in the right direction and provide you with advice, if you have any questions, please email us at

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