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Dogs on a Bench


Our Mission

House of the Fallen Hound is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping dogs find permanent homes or providing their owners with the necessary tools and guidance to continue caring for them. 

With a commitment to animal welfare, we strive to create a community that values and cherishes the well-being of all dogs. By offering support and resources to dogs and their owners, we aim to ensure every dog has a safe and loving home. We understand how important it is to find the right family for a dog.

It takes a thorough understanding of the needs of both the dog and the family to make the perfect match. We strive to ensure this process is carried out with care, empathy, and expertise so the dog and the family can experience a happy and fulfilling life together.

At House of the Fallen Hound, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. By working hand in hand with other non-profit organisations, councils, volunteers, and pet owners, we strive to make a significant difference in the lives of dogs in need. Our platform serves as a beacon, shining a light on these dogs and helping them find the loving homes and care they deserve.

We take pride in specialising in dogs bred for working and those who have not had proper socialisation and exposure in their life. We are a safety net and will advocate for them so their light can shine.

Apart from the points mentioned above, we give priority to funding the retraining of the dogs under our care to provide them with better opportunities in life. We prepare them for roles as detection dogs, as well as therapy or assistance dogs.


Our training approach heavily relies on positive reinforcement, and we consistently incorporate the latest training techniques. We are continuously enhancing our knowledge and possess a deep understanding of dog behaviour and genetics.

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